Online Resources

World Book Online

World Book is a suite of online research tools that includes encyclopdia articles, primary source collections, educator tools, student activities, pictures, audio, and video, complemented by current periodicals and related websites.


ProQuest reference databases offer comprehensive publication collections, in both full-text and full page image, that meets a wide range of research demands. From general reference to advanced subject matter, ProQuest has it all.
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ProQuest Learning: Literature

You’ll find complete full-text works of poetry, prose, and drama combined with key secondary sources-such as author biographies, literary criticisms, essays, reviews, multimedia, and interviews-that place the original works in context.
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Culture Grams

Experience the cultures of more than 200 countries in reports that include maps, statistics, a glossary and in-depth information on 25 categories.
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History Study Center

A comprehensive collection of primary and secondary source material relevant to the study of history and social studies.
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Offers more than 2,000 full-text sources with improved functionality, and a fun and easy-to-use search interface. Includes magazines, newspapers, books, television/radio transcripts, maps, pictures, and audio/video clips.
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